Four Mindful Books to Read This Summer: 2013

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Random Acts of Kindness

Then & NowBy the editors at Conari Press

The 20th-anniversary edition of this classic holds the same power as the original: readers can expect a boost to their overall happiness and also experi- ence a strong urge to go out and commit some kindness. As the original author, M.J. Ryan, suggests, reading these stories in the midst of a busy life still has the power to so en and warm the heart—and help us “remember to enjoy the moments rather than just race through them.”


How to Think Like Sherlock HolmesBy Maria Konnikova

The reasoning mind and the meditative mind are o en thought to be at odds. Not so, says Konnikova: meditation gives you “the quiet distance you need for integra- tive, imaginative, observant, and mindful thought.” Just like Sherlock Holmes. Okay, he probably didn’t meditate every morn- ing, but he did perfect the quiet-distance thing. This book is fun—particularly all the quotations and references to Conan Doyle’s stories—and it gives good guid- ance about how to unfuzzy your thinking

The Still Point of the Turning World

A Mother’s StoryBy Emily Rapp

Most parents agree on one thing when it comes to raising children:…

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