Four Mindful Books to Read This Winter: 2013

Leading From the Emerging Future
From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies By Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer • Berrett-Koehler
We are tiny droplets in a very big ocean. Yet each of our habits and viewpoints contributes something to the collective makeup of our societies—even the planet. Otto Scharmer is the bestselling author of Theory U, an awareness-based practice that advocates rst diving deep before coming back up with new solutions to challenges. Here, his popular theory is applied to our current economic, ecolog- ical, and social conundrums—with many thought-provoking results.

I Wonder

By Annaka Harris, illustrated by
John Rowe • Four Elephants Press
We adults have created a world in which information is quite literally at our nger- tips—evidence, perhaps, of how highly we value “knowing” stu . So how do children learn to be comfortable with not knowing, not having an answer? Something bigger is at stake here: the less our children enjoy hanging out in the space between the question and the answer (if there is one), the less they’re likely to exercise their own curiosity and creativity. Children’s books help us inject wonder into our kids’ lives.
I Wonder reinforces their ability to do it for themselves.

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