The Freedom of Letting Go

Sometimes the only thing keeping us in a bad relationship is our unwillingness to let it go.

Illustration by Karin Söderquist

My mind was feverish with revenge. He had me. He owned me. My every waking moment was consumed by thoughts of our ugly little entanglement. The situation was driving me mad, but I was calm, CALM I tell you!

This is a story about what happens when other people have the gall to not follow through on the plans we make for them—and how to see that no one takes our power from us unless we give it away.

Like so many others, our relationship started on the internet. I answered an ad…for cheap software. I needed it. He had it—or so he said. All I had to do was give him $48.75 up front. So I gave him the money. Plus tax. At first I felt that endorphin rush you get when you see your plans for another person taking shape. I smugly surmised that together we had beaten the system, and I was feeling pretty, pretty good. Sure, today it was just software, but maybe later he could give me so much more.

Then he went radio silent. A few days passed, so I called. He didn’t answer. I texted, and he didn’t answer. I tweeted and Facebooked…