From Laugh-In to MindUp: Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn has surfaced in the news recently for her efforts to raise awareness about mindfulness meditation.

In 2005 Hawn started The Hawn Foundation to “foster increased self-awareness, emotional resiliency, and mental and physical well-being in both children and their teachers.”

The foundation’s most recent intiative is the MindUP™ program. MindUP™is an educational program for children that is informed by current scientific and pscyhological research on social and emotional learning. The program integrates the priniciples of mindfulness to “provides children with emotional and cognitive tools to help them manage emotions and behaviors, reduce stress, sharpen concentration, and increase empathy and optimism.”

The program is designed so that it may be integrated into any classroom’s regularly scheduled lesson plans. For more information on the program and/or how to get involved with the initiative, visit The Hawn Foundation website.