From Mennonite to “Zennonite”

Writer for the Mennonite Weekly Review says his community can benefit from practicing mindfulness.

Tom Airey, a contributor for the Mennonite Weekly Review; an inter-Mennonite newspaper published since 1923, says mindfulness can be a huge benefit, both for the Mennonite community and the world. In this article he writes:

“In various Christian circles, anything “mindful” can be weighed down with Eastern baggage. Yet was it not our Master who prodded his disciples on the mountain — “Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?” And was it not the Messiah who regularly withdrew to deserted places, restoring his attention span and empathy for the crowds he tirelessly served? Shouldn’t we strategize how we might make Jesus’ teaching and life a reality even in the most fundamental aspects of our lives? Maybe we Mennonites ought to be just a bit more Zennonite.”

Airey says mindfulness can benefit a world stuck on “chronically anxious autopilot.” He and his wife practice mindfulness meditation and mindful eating.