Glimpse: Into Screenworld

Have a peek at the technology feature from Mindful's August issue.  

Illustration by Andrew Bannecker

If you start your day with email, navigate screens all day long, and depend on digital technology to stay in touch with friends and family, we’re not going to tell you to stop. Technology is in our lives for good—and in many ways, it makes our lives better—so there’s no sense in cutting you, or your kids, off from it.

What we aimed to explore, then, in “A User’s Guide to Living Well in Screenworld,” are insights from people inside the tech industry who are navigating all of this connectivity, too. The good news: there’s a way to do it with attention, awareness, and care that helps you get the most out of your technology.

We invited Rich Fernandez of Google to sit down with the director of engineering at Facebook, Arturo Bejar, and Irene Au, the vice president of product and design at Udacity, to talk about how to ensure digital communication is working for all of us—not the other way around.

—Tracy Picha, Editor