Glimpse: On the Cover

A behind-the-scenes look at our cover choice for the April 2014 issue.

Photograph by Lever Rukhin

To introduce our Getting Started series, we wanted a real practitioner to model for us—someone who personifies the confidence and ease that comes from a regular meditation practice. We’re happy to have Sandra Oh introducing the Getting Started series—all thanks to our good friend Trudy Goodman, founder of InsightLA, where Oh has been practicing for the past three years.

Oh reflects that confidence and ease we wanted to showcase, but she also illustrates the real diversity of our readership: people from all walks of life taking time for what matters. And her celebrity status? It all goes to show the commonality of the practice—that politicians, police officers, and many others are being mindful. In more ways. And in more places. In our Q&A with Oh, she talks about how being present is the actor’s job, and how meditation and acting live in the same space—both having to do with cultivating a deeper relationship with one’s thoughts, feelings, and body.

—James Gimian, Publisher & Jessica von Handorf, Art Director

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