Go Vegan for Earth Week?

rabble.ca, an up-and-coming social activism news site, is challenging you to go vegan for Earth Week to “help protect the environment, show compassion for animals and enjoy some wholesome nutritious and yummy food!”

Are you up to give their challenge a shot? If not for the week, maybe just for the day? Who knows? You might like it! Just so you know, you’d be giving up meat, dairy, and eggs i.e. anything that comes from an animal.

rabble.ca has recipes, menus and shopping lists to get you started. Take the challenge alone or get your co-workers involved. The more involved, the more recipes and experiences you can share together.

They’ve even rustled up some celebrity endorsement! Award-winning novelist Barbara Gowdy joins rabble.ca in challenging you:

What are your thoughts on veganism?

Is it possible to be compassionate towards animals and still eat meat?

How do you consider compassion in your food selection?

Tell us what you think!

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