Poised for A Fresh Start

How we'll support mindfulness momentum with energy and vision in the new year, from James Gimian, the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Mindful Society.

paladin1212/Adobe Stock

We’re here, it’s the beginning of 2018, and, somehow, it feels like a fresh start. Funny how an artificial construct like the calendar can help us refresh our outlook. That’s also a key element in mindfulness practice. Awareness of breathing makes a fresh start available in every moment. Seems pretty simple but I’m finding it particularly uplifting when all around are invitations to old habits, especially acrimony and blame.

Before launching into what we can look for in 2018, I want to start the year by specifically thanking all of you who helped make our end of 2017 funding campaign a success. As a nonprofit, your support is both critical and inspiring. Not only does a successful funding campaign mean that 2017 ended on a high note, but it importantly sets us up to be strong and energized to expand our efforts in 2018. Fresh start. Thank you all!

As for 2018, If you thought the popularity of mindfulness entering the mainstream reached its peak, just wait. The pace is quickening, and the signs are that it’s normalizing, meaning it’s not just the early adopters anymore. It’s January and I’ve already heard from many places where the work is expanding,…