Happiness Is Already Yours

Moments of joy are available to us even during difficult times, writes editor-in-chief Heather Hurlock. Happiness belongs to all of us, inherently.

Adobe Stock/Marina Zlochin

It’s been difficult for me to think about happiness lately. I’ve been in a spiral of grief and sadness with a detour into COVID and a concussion thrown in for kicks. My fuse is short, my tongue is sharp, and my moods are stormy. But even still, I receive glimmers of love that remind me of who I am at my core. For example, just last night I lost my temper with my two precocious daughters (who were doing everything except what I was kindly asking them to do). After I cooled down and apologized, my daughter said, “I get it. We all have big emotions sometimes, Mom.” I nearly cried. And, when I was with my dad yesterday who’s ill and not long for this world, I told him: “You’re in my heart forever, Dad.” And though he isn’t strong enough to say much, he looked at me with a light in his eye and said, “And you in mine.” I cried the whole drive home.

Weaving a Tapestry of Connection

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