Happy Mindfulness Day

In honor of the third annual Mindfulness Day, check out these stories on meditation practice and advice from mindful.org and Mindful magazine. 

Mindfulness Day—September 12—was created by the not-for-profit Wisdom Publications as a way to promote mindfulness and raise awareness about its benefits.

People around the world will be celebrating through workshops, meditation groups, or simply by taking a few minutes out of their days to be mindful.

Here are a few stories looking at how to incorporate mindfulness into your life, from full-out practice pieces to small ways we can bring mindfulness into our lives every day.

Tea Party: Looking for a respite from distraction? It’s as close as a cup of tea. Jesse Jacobs from Samovar Tea Lounge takes us through a 10-minute tea practice.

Walk This Way: Try these simple set of instructions for walking meditation, and keep this chart handy for practicing on-the-go.

A Practice for Posture: Meditation is not all in your mind. In fact, it begins and ends in the body.

Meditation, Getting Started: So you want to start practicing meditation, but need to know the very basics—like how to sit. Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn offers helpful tips for beginners from his new book.

Why We Find it Hard To Meditate: Having some setbacks? Ed and Deb Shapiro examine the most common reasons people give for not meditating and offer some helpful advice for overcoming those obstacles.

The 24-Hour Mini-Mindful Challenge: What if, once an hour, you brought your life back to what is happening right now? Elisha Goldstein offers this practice.

Waking up to Mindfulness: our blogger, Ed Halliwell, talks about his own experiences with getting into mindfulness meditation. He invites your comments and questions on the subject.

Setting up a Mindfulness Meditation GroupBetsy Nelson on how she did it, why it helps, and how you can too.