The Mindful Kitchen: Have You Ever Tried Mindful Drinking?

Bubbly water is back in the limelight. Here’s how you can sharpen your senses while you sip and savor mindfully.

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Once a product of nature found only in mineral springs, sparkling water is now produced through both mechanical and chemical processes as well, and it has become a staple in households around the world. In France and Italy, some water fountains even offer free eau pétillante or acqua frizzante to all (there’s a fountain conveniently located outside the Colosseum in Rome).

Tingly, and sometimes a little sharp, not all bubbly waters are made alike.

Tingly, and sometimes a little sharp, not all bubbly waters are made alike. Some have distinct mineral flavors, while others are all about the bubbles. The size of the bubbles affects the intensity of the sparkling sensation, with smaller bubbles creating a smoother texture and larger bubbles creating a stronger texture.

The Mindful Kitchen: Try This Mindful Drinking Practice

Savor the sensations of sparkling water:

  1. Pour yourself some sparkling water, preferably into a clear glass.
  2. Take a moment to observe the bubbles in the glass, noticing whether they move at a consistent speed or change speed with time.  
  3. Put your nose to the glass and feel the bubbles bounce up on your skin, then take a sip.  
  4.  Pay attention to how the bubbles move around in your mouth. Consider the texture as it first hits, and what happens if you let the water linger for a few moments.  
  5.  Does it feel different on the roof of your mouth than it does on the insides of your cheeks? As you swallow, feel the bubbles move to the back of your throat and then down, paying attention for the moment you stop feeling them. 

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  • November 12, 2019