Helping Black Women Take A Breath

Jasmine Marie, founder of Black Girls Breathing, created a space for Black women to connect through breathwork and community in order to cope with the unique stress they experience.

Photo/ Jasmine Marie

“Breathe Together. Heal Together. Grow Together.”

These words aren’t just the slogan of an organization—for Jasmine Marie, founder of Black Girls Breathing, they are an invitation to a community she is committed to serving. 

“Black women needed a space to heal the trauma that’s trapped in their body; Trauma is held,” Marie says. “That can be scary when you really learn more about how trauma impacts our daily lives. But the good thing is that we can undo that. We can work on every system to be more at ease and balanced.”

As we all continue to have discussions around mental health and racial justice, Jasmine Marie wants to ensure that Black women are no longer left out of the conversation. 

“I’ve been so intentional in how we show up and I’ve done that since the beginning. We’re not only providing breathwork,” she says. “With a lot of the women we attract, there’s lots of stigmas around taking care of our mental health. I want them to know [that] this space is for you. It’s important to me that that element and essence gets carried through our work.”

Take a Breath