Here’s What You Told Us Your Mindfulness Practice Looks Like

Every mindfulness practice looks a bit different. Here are some of the ways Mindful readers tap into their practice off the meditation cushion.

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What did you grow up doing—in your family, culture, or community—that helps you feel mindful?

Hiking and cross-country skiing in the forest
– @katakerley

Practicing gratitude!
– @vivekvasantha

– @intendedwell

Sitting outside watching the clouds and just being still
– @dr.bethanyj

– @positivepowercoach

– @gratefulkev1964

What activity helps you feel present and grounded?

– @maslow40

Looking at the water rolling over rocks at the beach
– @access_stress_support

Decluttering, cleaning, journaling
– @kadikoybornova

How often do you meditate?

53% Daily
26% Weekly
5% Monthly
16% Never

What song helps you feel present and grounded?

“Perfect Day” by Lou Reed
– @mindfulskatergirl

“What Do I Know” by Ed Sheeran
– @mjwatson4

“Answer: Love Myself” by BTS
– @ella_lama

“Living in the Moment” by Jason Mraz
– @esin_alptekin

“Annie’s Song” by John Denver
– @wickthechick

“Kiss of Life” by Sade
– @calmbuddybox

“Hallelujah” by KD Lang
– @1eyed2horned

@christianewolfmindfulness shares a snap from the Berlin Marathon. Check out her piece on resilience and running in our October 2022 issue.
@shelby3j shares a moment they felt present and connected.
@sharonsalzberg reminds us that part of mindfulness practice is to notice and let go of the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening. “There’s spaciousness there. And there’s peace there, even in the presence of fear.”

All responses from Instagram.

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