Hey there, sports fans!

Sports and mindfulness meet in this collection of Mindful articles perfect for team players, lone wolves, and armchair athletes alike.

Photo: nullplus/iStockphoto.com

The Lakers Meditate?: Soren Gordhamer interviews sports psychologist and meditation teacher George Mumford about meditation, basketball, professional athletes and responsibility.

Awake in the Wild: Nature is always available to deepen mindfulness, whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or simply out for a walk. Here Mark Coleman shares his wilderness tips.

Focus on Cycling: Alburquerque Bicycle Transportation Examiner Karolyn Hudson has been following a sports psychology program, with Dr. Dana Blackmer, to improve her cycling. In this third lesson, mindfulness becomes a part of the assignment.

Mindful Swimming: Jump into the pool with Tonya Nascimento. Experience the rhythm of your stroke, the comfort of the water holding you up, the rush of the water past your ears, the craziness of hundreds of people swimming in circles and spaced just so. Competitive swimmers, like all athletes, can benefit from practicing in the moment.

The Value of Adventure: Outdoor adventure can essentially function like an extreme meditation cushion, teaching not only concentration, but also inquiry, compassion, and right action, says adventurer Renée Sharp.

The Miracle of Downward Dog: A Meditator Discovers Yoga: Enjoying the challenge of both a physical and a mental practice, Mark Epstein brings the lessons from meditation to yoga.