How Do You Offer Yourself Kindness?

Genuine compassion for others begins with caring for ourselves. Here’s how Mindful readers are cultivating self-kindness.

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How do you speak to yourself with self-compassion?

reminds us there’s
beauty all around if
we take the time to
appreciate it.

“Me: I’m sorry… Also me: I forgive you.”
– Pamela C.

“I remind myself every day that This Too Shall Pass.”
– Deanna B.

“This moment does not have to ruin the rest of the day. A new day can start right now.”
– Tracey N.

“Whenever doubt creeps in, I remind myself, ‘You’ve got this. You were MADE to handle this. You’re strong enough. Stronger than you think. Keep going.’”
– Kelly S.

@livinginmommywood shows us how
mindfulness can
create safe spaces
for people to share
and learn.

“I remind myself to be grateful.
– Beverly J.

“With positive self-talk. Si sepuede! Yes, you can!”
– Leslie B.

“In my Vinyasa yoga class, I look in the mirror at myself and speak out loud that I am enough, I am strong, and I am worth it!”
– Melanie C.

@iamlenafranklin shows how the stillness of breathing
allows us to take time
out for ourselves.

How easy do you find it to be kind to yourself?

70% said tough.

30% said easy.

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