How Do You Tap Into Creativity?

Mindful readers share what inspires them and how they bring their creative ideas to life. Stock

How do you tap into creativity?

“I doodle in my journals, along with writing. I also write letters to people—old school!”

“I tap into creativity by looking through the window of my studio at the blooming flowers, and fluttering butterflies! I marvel at their freedom in flight and the predictability of the seasonal cycles, and I delve into an art journal with the same uninhibited ways nature models for me.”
Val V.

“I like to find inspiration in nature. Then I paint, either watercolor florals or even design mandalas on flat river rocks…I also love to take photographs of trees in the fall at sunrise, capturing the bold bright colors. And in the spring I love to go to our botanical gardens and photograph the dozens of varieties of tulips they plant every year. Yes, nature is the canvas of life.”
Amy G.

“Sidewalk chalk! I get to be outside, the work isn’t permanent, and lots of people get to experience it as they walk by.”

“People-watching. When I’m at the grocery store, coffee shop—anywhere really—I pay attention to the individuals around me and wonder about each one’s life.”
Pamela C.

“Embroidery and quilting”

“I get my most creative ideas when I am moving. When I am stuck, I go for a run or get on my mat!”
Sue K.

How often do you get a chance to be creative?

28% Every day

37% Every once in a while

11% Just on weekends

24% Almost never

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