How Mindfulness Transforms Education

Caverly Morgan describes how she brought mindfulness to teens in Portland, Oregon, and how working with young people has transformed her.

Caverly Morgan is one of the pioneers who wants to make mindfulness a rec- ognized discipline in public education. As the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Peace in Schools, she aims to change how teenagers cope with stress, negative thinking, and difficult emotions. Morgan has created a year- long, for-credit mindfulness class that’s now offered in half a dozen public high schools in Portland, Oregon.

What led you to meditation?

I was traveling abroad on a program that studied ecology and social issues, and a friend gave me a copy of That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You to Seek, by Cheri Huber. The book had a profound impact on me. It planted a seed in me, you know, to really have a different relationship with myself and the world.

What gave you the idea to bring mindfulness training to teenagers?

An adult student in one of my work- shops thought what she was learning in the workshop would have an impact on the teenagers she taught and invited me to one of her classes. When I went, I immediately saw how the teens were like sponges for mind- fulness, and became excited about the idea…