How People Learn to Increase Their Resilience

How do we perceive stress in our lives: as major setbacks or moments of growth? Perception plays a major role in resilience.

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When something challenging happens, how well do you recover?

Resilience is the ability to get back up after adversity. Due to the unpredictability of life, there will always be joys and sorrows. Resilient people are able to greet change and difficulty as an opportunity for self-reflection, learning, and growing.

Well-being and resilience are skills one can learn and cultivate. It is such a valuable skill set that world leaders are beginning to recognize its significance. More than 150 world leaders attended the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, where they spoke about adopting a new sustainable development agenda, among this agenda was well-being for the world. During the summit, 17 goals were identified, for the next fifteen years, with the aim to guide us towards a more inclusive and sustainable pattern of global development. Our world is awakening to the realization that sustainable world development doesn’t just pertain to economic flourishing, but also human flourishing.

The World Happiness Report supports the concepts of happiness and well-being as an important pathway toward greater sustainable development.

The 2015 report included writings by Dr. Richard Davidson and Brianna Schulyer who presented on the neuroscience of happiness.…