How to Be Mindful with Your Kids on Snow Days

After you put the shovels away, enjoy the awe of the season with a little mindfulness.

oloya/Dollar Photo Club

How do you fare on snow days?

Hours spent inside with the kiddos, while waiting out a storm or blizzard can evoke cabin fever in some parents and caregivers.

“Being at home with your children and taking on the idea that you have to be the entertainer, with no sign of sanity-saving alone time for yourself can cause anxiety,” says Susan Verde, a mom of three, kids yoga instructor, and the author of, I Am Yoga. Worry may also stem from the inevitable and repeated words, “I’m bored.”

Added pressure comes from outfitting yourself and your kids in snow apparel, retrieving sleds, tubes and other snow play items, and anticipating the slushy mess that will inevitably be trekked inside, especially if you have more than one child.

To set a mode of calm before a pending storm, shift your mindset, advises Verde.

While waiting for conditions to ease up, encourage kids to take in nature’s awesome show of beauty. Discuss how snowflakes are formed. Watch and listen as the peace and quiet of winter white cloaks your neighborhood.

“Embrace a snowday as an opportunity, as opposed to a daunting task,” says the author. “Start…