How to Change Your Habits with Mindfulness

Learn about the mechanics of habit formation and observe them at work in your mind and body. By bringing awareness, and injecting curiosity and kindness into the process, you’ll be able to reevaluate and change your habits.

What Are Habits? Mindfulness Habit Change Daily Practices Everyday Habits

Ever wonder how you developed a habit of buying tools or kitchen gadgets you don’t need? Why do you check your phone yet again when you just checked it 15 minutes ago? Or root around in the kitchen late at night, not really hungry but just wanting something?

No mystery. It’s simply how our brains work. We crave. We get. We remember. We crave again. It’s the craving cycle. If we can understand it, we have a better chance of catching it in the act, and taking steps to make more considered choices.

What Are Habits? 

Habits are behaviors that become automatic because they have been performed frequently in the past. This repetition or automaticity creates a mental association between a situation and action or behavior.

What is a Habit Loop?

Habits are formed and strengthened as we journey through a continuous loop seeking to satisfy our urges. Habit loops have a pretty simple and consistent formula: there’s a trigger; there’s an accompanying behavior; and there’s a result or…

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