How We See Empowerment

Mindful readers share what allows them to feel empowered, and how they carry that power into the world.

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Mindful magazine readers share what helps them embody their unique power and confidence.

What Makes You Feel Empowered?

“I feel most empowered when I drive down the 110 Freeway. I belt out show tunes and visualize singing to an audience of thousands.”
– Grant G.

“I feel empowered when I surrender. Letting go of expectations and trusting the universe is liberating and empowering!”
– Joanie

“When I stand up for myself.”

“Knowing I always have choices! Making simple, positive choices every day to build my physical, mental, and spiritual muscles yields big results and makes me feel empowered.”
– Kristen K.

“Noticing the signs of progress or healing in both body and mind.”

“I feel empowered when I finally verbalize my feelings, my dreams, my goals. By putting it out there I release some of my insecurities about whatever it is and can pursue my dreams and goals.”
– Jane W.

“When I acknowledge my capabilities. When I take accountability. When I give myself compassion. When I am being present.”

“When I see the ‘oh I get it’ look in a student’s eyes after helping them.”

“Smile of a loved one.”

How empowered do you feel?

What helps you manage change?

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