Humans of Healthcare: A Guided Workshop for Processing Trauma and Sharing Our Stories

Join Jonathan Fisher and Reena Kotecha—both healthcare practitioners and mindfulness teachers working on the cutting edge of ending physician burnout—for a powerful, interactive workshop.

With Reena Kotecha and Jonathan Fisher’s kind and clear guidance, you’ll move through this facilitated journaling and meditation workshop and gently dive deeper into your lived experience of having navigated the pandemic thus far as healthcare practitioners.

Watch the Video: 4 Questions for Reflection: During the pandemic the three most valuable lessons I learned are…For me personally, as a healthcare professional, the three most challenging aspects of the pandemic experience are…The three personal strengths or resources that helped most me during the pandemic are…Following the pandemic experience I intend to make these three changes in my approach to life… Guided Meditations

A collection of meditations from Reena and Jonathan to ground yourself and welcome a sense of ease.

A 4-Minute Meditation to Welcome Ease with Reena Kotecha

Please feel free to download this meditation.

A 6-Minute Meditation to Check In with Jonathan Fisher

Please feel free to download this meditation.


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Reena Kotecha

PACE Yourself meditation

Jonathan Fisher

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