I’m More Than My Anxious Thoughts—And So Are You

A lifelong high achiever, Melena Kiriaki was afraid she would lose her momentum if she wasn’t operating from a place of anxiety. Meditation showed her that she’s more than her fearful thoughts.

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For so long, I thought I was my mind. The thoughts in my head controlled everything. 

My fear, my anxiety, my stress, these were all part of me and they made up who I am. Growing up, this was all I knew.

In order to survive, I convinced myself that my constant thinking was my edge. My worrying, my productivity of always DOING—I thought this is what made me successful.

Being a child of two immigrants moving to the US for the American Dream, my early achievements were celebrated and as time went on, expected. Of course, being a first-generation American in my family, I wanted to make my parents proud. The mindset I engrained in myself wasn’t just to meet expectations but to redefine them. However, it was my own misunderstanding of my relationship with my thoughts that led me down a path of utter burnout.

There was no space to be. I was a “human doing.”

Why Meditate?

I heard about meditation here and there. I thought it was an excuse to take a break. Where was the productivity in “sitting”? Ah!—to think more! I ignored it. 

But meditation kept…