Inner Peace is an Onion

Journalist Jenn Director Knudsen researches how to peel back the layers to find the mind-body connection.

Want to achieve a mind-body connection? Just head to the spa, a salon, a yoga class or your favorite shady tree for a solid, uninterrupted hour of meditation.

Sound impossible to do any of those things in the midst of your chaotic life? Too expensive? Too tough to schedule?

Take heart. There are plenty of other, perhaps more practical ways to pursue and attain a mind-body connection: a place of physical and mental peace that allows you to focus, relax and return to life re-energized. In this article, busy mothers and professionals alike share what works for them and what very well could work for you.

Simple Solutions

"The mind-body connection is incredibly easy to achieve," says Keegan Sheridan, N.D., a mom whose Beverly Hills, Calif., practice includes treating health concerns using natural therapies. "…Defined, it is bringing your awareness inward. It is simple to do and doesn't have to take more than two to five minutes," says Sheridan.

Surprisingly, the mind-body connection might come about most easily while going through the otherwise mundane and habitual tasks you do all day, says Maya Talisman Frost, mother of four teenage girls and a professional mindfulness coach…