Is Yoga Really So Glamorous?

One photographer's project shows the sweaty, messy, and uncomfortable side of yoga.

Jonah Sargent/Faces of Yoga

In recent years, many of us have turned to yoga as both an exercise and a form of meditation. Everyone who does it knows it’s both physically and mentally demanding. But that’s not really how its portrayed.

Think of any recent picture in the media of someone doing yoga. A person, lithe yet muscular, sits contorted, ankles somewhere by their shoulders, smiling serenely all the while. It’s unrealistic, to say the least.

Yoga lover Jonah Sargent wants to change that with his photo project, Faces of Yoga.

Sargent was motivated to start the project in large part by his time working as a cleaner at a large yoga studio in Minnesota.

“One day a woman came in and bought nearly $500 of yoga clothing because the yoga instructor was telling her she looked sexy in it. During class the instructor kept complimenting her, and the yogi kept looking in the mirror and readjusting to look more picturesque. It all just made me feel like there was something funny with the glamorization of this ancient discipline,” Sargent told Mashable.

Faces of Yoga…