Madison schools want more meditation programs—Richard Davidson

Meditation programs in four Madison, Wisconsin schools are so successful that the school district is asking for more, says neuroscientist Richard Davidson. Davidson, who is speaking at the University of B.C. today, says meditation helps kids become kinder and pay better attention.

Davidson heads several laboratories at the University of Wisconsin, including the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, where he conducts research into kindness, compassion and meditation and how these affect the brain. He's also recently co-authored a book, The Emotional Life of Your Brain.

Four schools in Madison, Wisconsin are now putting his research into practice. About 200 students are using breathing techniques to help train their brains to improve their ability to focus.

"It's so widely popular and successful, the district wants us to scale it up the entire [Madison] school system," said Davidson in a Vancouver Sun article yesterday.

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