Meditation Flash Mobs Invite Busy Cities to Pause

From the launch of the Mindful Cities initiative to teaching mindfulness as an “adulting” course, here’s how mindfulness is making the news this month.

Sitting in the Middle of it All

Meditation flash mobs are upending the idealized quiet and calm practice setting, with public group meditations. “In public can be a richer place to practice,” says C. T. Tamura, founder of The Sitting Project, which hosts free sit sessions in Times Square, NYC. “As meditators, we’re trying to open up to the world.” Many find that sitting silently amid hustle and bustle is one way to do that.

Mindful Cities Launches 

In May, Flint, Michigan, became the first city to adopt mindfulness programming to support the community. Civic leaders took part in Collective Wisdom, a two-day gathering featuring the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute mindfulness-training program, created at Google. Supported by the Foundation for a Mindful Society—the parent organization of Mindful—and The Crim Fitness Foundation, the initiative provides education and resources to city leaders and the public about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. It will also connect city leaders to experts, partners, and programs to offer mindfulness training in hospitals, schools, and other institutions. Boston and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, will also join this pilot phase of the Mindful Cities Initiative.

Mindful Aging

How meditation can support healthy aging was the topic of…