Meditation Goes Mobile, Ageism is Out, and Other Mindfulness News of the Day

From mobile meditation to conscious aging, keep up with the latest in the world of mindfulness.

Feels on Wheels

What has ten meditation pods, four wheels, and an iconic aluminum shell? The MeditationWorks mobile meditation studio, of course. In early May, the new Canadian mobile meditation service guided a session for healthcare workers in Scarborough, Ontario, equipped with its modified Airstream travel trailer designed to provide an out-of-the-ordinary meditation space.  

The mobile experience typically takes place inside the shiny, bullet-shaped “Mindstream,” however, in the face of COVID-19, meditating inside of a closed vehicle was out of the question. Owner Traci Shepherd shifted gears, moving MeditationWorks guided meditations online and offering the mobile meditation session outside with the help of speakers, an FM radio broadcast, and chairs arranged six feet apart. 

Pup Rings a Bell

Often, our beloved pets help us to be mindful—but Nyxie the Labrador might have gone too far. As the Mirror reported, Nyxie’s family in Surrey, UK, noticed their meditation ball, which had a bell inside, had gone missing. After searching for days, they noticed a telltale jingling—coming from inside their feisty pup. Fortunately, a vet was able to remove the ball Nyxie had eaten, leaving her unharmed.

Ageism is Getting Old

A program developed by the Institute…