Micro-meditation becoming popular

Incorporating "micro-meditations" throughout the day can help you manage stress, train your brain to be more attentive, and, perhaps most compellingly, help you not miss out on your life, according to a recent article in The Globe and Mail.

Finding the time and an isolated place to delve deeply into formal meditation practice can be difficult. So, those wanting to squeeze calmness into their hectic schedules are turning to micro-meditation—short bursts of meditation incorporated throughout the day.

A growing number of how-to books, mobile apps and online videos are also promoting micro-meditation, encouraging people to practice in grocery-store lineups, in taxicabs, or at their desks.

To read the article, "You can find Zen in 30 seconds or less," click here.

For more on this, read A Mini-Mindful Challenge by Elisha Goldstein and Driving as Preparation by Donald Altman.