Publishing Mindful Resources in South Korea

Through the exchange of research-backed mindfulness resources, online platform Mind Ground hopes to offer their audience a new perspective on well-being and meditation.

For the first time, select Mindful resources are available in Korean through an online platform based in South Korea.

Mind Ground began publishing translated Mindful articles this month in a weekly email called the M Letter. The newsletter offers mindfulness practitioners an in-depth look at how mindfulness can be applied to areas of everyday life including education, work, and parenting. The first volume features practices from Shelly Tygielski, Rich Fernandez, Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Mark Bertin, Dr. Christopher Willard, Hugh Delehanty, and more. 

Through the exchange of research-backed mindfulness resources between the East and West, Mind Ground hopes to offer their audience a new perspective on well-being, health, and mindfulness meditation. 

Secular Mindfulness in South Korea

The interactive platform serves a collection of secular mindfulness content, community events and online programs ranging from yoga, meditation, and self-care for all levels of practice. It also offers reviews of mindfulness programs to help connect practitioners to mindfulness teachers and courses that best suit their needs.
This initiative stemmed from Mind Ground’s sister company, Mind Design. The social enterprise, founded in 2010 by a group of young meditation practitioners, works to generate interest in traditional industry in Asia—art, meditation, and other aspects of mindfulness.

“There was a [generational] and cultural gap,” says founding member AJ Kim. “Traditional work was mostly done by older generations.” To bridge the gap, Mind Design began connecting professionals and younger audiences to new avenues in the mindfulness industry. To further their mission to support healthy lifestyles—emotionally, physically, and mentally—through mindfulness and meditation, developing an online platform was the next step in reaching more people.

With growing their audience in mind, Kim says her team hopes to continue collaborating with Mindful and others overseas to offer Mind Ground users a variety of tools to learn about mindfulness. And through continued content exchanges, Mind Ground aims to be a resource for like-minded communities around the world.

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