Mind & Life Institute Announces New Interim CEO

Adam Engle announced yesterday that he has stepped down as CEO of the Mind & Life Institute.

At a recent board meeting, Dr. Alfred Kaszniak  was appointed as interim CEO, while a search is conducted for a permanent CEO.

In a letter published on the MLI website announcing this transition, Engle stated, “I have been contemplating how best to transition my leadership positions in a way that is proactive, thoughtful and most effectively supports our mission and vision.”

Engle also said that he will remain Chair of the Board, “responsible for refining strategy, developing collaborative partnerships, cultivating and deepening relationships with our financial partners, and working with our search committee to recruit a new CEO.”

Engle, the Dalai Lama and Francisco Varela founded MLI 25 years ago.Ten years ago contemplative research was introduced to MLI’s agenda, which helped shape its current directive to investigate the human mind and the benefits of contemplative practices.

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