Mindful Activist’s Toolkit for The Women’s March

Here are eight mindfulness tools to march with when you join the masses to honor our democracy at the Women’s March.

Liza Donovan

Women are about to connect with each other on a massive scale at women’s marches across the globe. It will be an epic mingling of ideas and subcultures, addressing everything from family health and security, power and gender, worker’s rights and civil rights, environmental justice, personal freedom, and more. Hopefully marchers, and those supporting them, will come away from this moment with a greater understanding of their own work in the world, and a deeper sense of how all of the different concerns of women across the world intersect with each other.

“In order to get the most out of this moment, we need to keep ourselves quiet enough, in the midst of all the activity, so that we can hear and feel and respond to what arises within us,” says mindfulness teacher and long-time activist Mirabai Bush, senior fellow at the Center for Contemplative Mind and Society, and co-author of the book Compassion in Action. We asked Mirabai to help us compile a toolkit of go-to mindfulness tactics to help people stay grounded in the moment as they navigate this historic expression of peaceful resistance.

The Mindful…