Mindful Grocery Stores and Twitter Feeds

Catch up with the latest news and notables as mindfulness goes mainstream.

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English Schools Try Mindfulness 

More than 350 schools across England are taking part in a study, launched by the UK government, that will see students and teachers learning a variety of practices for emotional wellness, including mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, guided by experts. The two-year study will yield data on what works best in schools to support young people’s mental well-being.

Sensory-Friendly Shopping 

The sensory onslaught of large, busy stores deters many people with autism from buying groceries. Inspired by a class of 4th-graders who learned about sensory challenges and autism and then wrote letters to the Canadian grocery chain Sobeys, a partnership between Autism Nova Scotia and Sobeys is making space for “sensory-friendly shopping.” During Sunday evenings, at stores around the Canadian Maritimes, lights are dimmed, music and loud noise is hushed, and extra staff are present. Sobeys workers report appreciating the calmer mood as much as their customers. Executive Director of Autism NS Cynthia Carroll says it’s an exciting step toward allowing those with sensory processing challenges to move through their communities with greater ease and autonomy. 

Mindful Aviator

In the world of aviation, mental…