Mindful Live—A Series of Online Conversations

Join us for live conversations and events featuring leaders in the mindfulness movement.

We’re bringing our content to life with Mindful Live—a new series of online conversations and events featuring many of the writers and subjects of the stories you’ll find in the pages of Mindful magazine.

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Watch Past Mindful Lives:

On September 1st we kicked off our Mindful30 Meditation Challenge with a conversation with Sharon Salzberg and Barry Boyce:

Mindful30 Kick Off with Sharon Salzberg and Barry Boyce

In this intimate Mindful Live, Sharon Salzberg and founding editor of Mindful and Mindful.org Barry Boyce discuss mindfulness and the breath, take us through a short meditation and wrap up with a Q&A.

Watch the Full Video:

On June 9th we hosted a conversation with Frank Ostaseski and Vinny Ferraro:

Grief is a recognition of endings, and endings are a natural part of life. Knowing that things inevitably end can energize us—it’s a reminder to not waste a moment, to step into our life and live it with integrity and purpose. But endings can also be painful, uncomfortable, and difficult to work through.

In a conversation moderated by Mindful’s Vice President Operations Amanda Hester, Frank Ostaseski and Vinny Ferraro explore how we can journey through grief and meet endings with resilience and self-compassion. 

Watch the Full Video:

On October 8th we hosted a conversation with Sharon Salzberg:

World-renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg shares her favorite practices, deep insights, and inspiration about loving-kindness meditation. She’s joined by her good friend Barry Boyce, longtime meditation teacher and Mindful‘s founding editor.

Watch the Full Video:

On October 22nd we hosted a Mindful Live Roundtable on Racial Justice:

This one-hour event honoring the theme of racial justice features some of this year’s leading women in mindfulness in conversation with each other, led by moderator and Mindful managing editor Stephanie Domet. 

Galvanized by the Black Lives Matter movement, this discussion explores what racial justice is, and what role mindfulness can play in building a more equitable society. 

Watch the Full Video:

On September 17th we hosted a conversation with Michelle Maldonado:

In this session, Michelle Maldonado offer insights and guided practices to help us open the doors to our hearts and move away from fear-based reactions.

When we’re tired and angry, we can slip into old habits and become more susceptible to feelings of dread and doom. This isn’t a failing, but a reminder to practice self-care and to recognize our common humanity.

Watch the Full Video:

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