Mindful Martini Night

Join comedian and mindfulness teacher Elaine Smookler at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on May 22 and learn how to be "outrageous and mindful all at once." 

We can’t help but be intruiged when an event bills itself as both “mindful” and “outrageous.” But if we’ve got meditations for working creatively with phone and email, why not one for raising a glass? So, here’s to this cabaret/mindfulness class!

Singer, comedian, and mindfulness teacher Elaine Smookler is hosting Mindful Martinis at the Gladstone Hotel on May 22, and invites you to learn new ways of eating, drinking, and enjoying ourselves…mindfully. Tickets are on sale now.

While mixing booze and mindfulness might seem strange, Smookler is a connoiser of finding mindfulness in unexpected places. In Mindful‘s October issue, Smookler talks about how laughter was the best medicine to help her mindfully cope with her cancer diagnosis and surgery:

The ability to find the funny pumps oxygen into adverse situations. It’s hard to cower when you’re laughing. It’s hard to be angry. And it’s hard to feel sorry for yourself, which can be the most paralyzing state of all. With humor, we can live our lives a little more honestly, and less fearfully, even though we can’t make bad things go away.

Read the full article, “The Best Medicine.”