Mindful Moment Campaign: Help Bring Meditation and Yoga to At-Risk Youth

The Holistic Life Foundation, which offers after-school yoga and mindfulness programs, is raising money to start their Mindful Moment program at Patterson High School. Check out their indiegogo campaign. 

Mindful brought the story to you back in April: three young men teaching children in one of Baltimore’s toughest neighborhoods to find calm and confidence through yoga and meditation. Now, Ali and Atman Smith, and Andy Gonzalez, are hoping to bring their after-school program into one high school that serves a high number of at-risk youth.

The entire program will cost us around $160,000, and the funds will contribute to Mindful Moment trainers, Mindful Moment staff, classroom supplies, administrative expenses, and more. To see the whole proposal with a breakdown of spending, click here.

To learn more about the Holistic Life Foundation and their campaign to start the Mindful Moment program, visit their indiegogo page. The short video below also explains what HLF wants Mindful Moment to look and feel like.