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Read about mindful children’s books getting translated, a card deck to help process grief, and more mindfulness news.

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Skin Deep

When his brother lost a limb in a collision, John Amanam, a 33-year-old Nigerian native, learned that the majority of prosthetic limbs available in his country were white or wood-toned. A former movie special effects sculptor, Amanam noticed the lack of confidence that came with having an artificial limb with a mismatched skin tone. And, despite having no formal training, Amanam set out on a mission to help people feel whole and at home in their own body. “If I could give back or solve this need, it would go a long way to ease that emotional trauma and loss of confidence,” he told Reuters.

Found In Translation

Winnipeg kindergarten teacher Karla Dueck Thiessen’s picture book It Starts With A Breath…a Book About Mindful Breathing has been translated into Spanish by a teacher in Mexico, and now two other Winnipeg school teachers—Lorraine George and Gloria Barker—are translating it into their own Indigenous languages, Cree and Anishinaabemowin respectively. And George plans to have her students help by incorporating the project into the Cree/English program at her school. “It’s in the stillness that our breath connects us to our body, mind, and spirit,” Dueck Thiessen told…