Mindful Parenting Report Now Available

The Garrison Institute recently made available a report of their 2010 meeting, “Mindful Parenting: Conceptualization and Measurement,” on their website.

Last September, the Garrison Institute convened a meeting of 20 researchers, clinicians and other leaders interested in and working with family intervention programsthat integrate mindfulness–based techniques and practices. The purpose of the meeting, co-sponsored by Garrison and the Kirlin Charitable Foundation, was to define possible systems of measurement and move forward with clinical research trials.This meeting grew out of a gathering of experts on mindful parenting and stakeholders from other sectors held in Seattle in 2009.

The meeting’s agenda was considered an emergent curricula, in order to allow for discussion to develop and adapt to the needs and issues the group determined were most pertinent for future research. As such, the tentative goals of exploring the definition of mindful parenting and its correlating observable behaviors and defining a research agenda were set. Discussions were focused around the following core areas:

1. Defining and identifying observable behaviors that constitute mindful parenting.

2. Defining systems of measurement for future research and clinical trials.

3. Identifying key research questions to move forward in collaborative work.

Read the report.