Mindful Readers Talk About the Importance of Everyday Rituals

From brewing a morning drink to reading a bedtime story, our personal rituals are like friends, giving us purpose, stability, and flow through the day—even in tumultuous times.

Image by pacek / Adobe Stock
How are your everyday rituals helpful to you right now?

“Starting with something familiar helps me cope with the many uncertainties of these times.” – @BOARD_2_BOX

“We play hide-and seek as a family each night. It gives us a time to laugh and connect.”- @VTCONDON

“They’re important to measure time.”- @JARVEVA

“They help me stay on track with self-care, so I can better support myself and others.”- @JOANNAZAKANY

“FaceTiming with people who are important to me fills me up with hope each day.”- @MINDFULSKATERGIRL

“They provide a sense of calm in the storm.”- @MASLOW40

“My rituals—I have a coffee, go for a run, read my kids stories—give me a sense of flow in the day.”- @SAWHITE1987

“They’re definitely useful for reconnecting with ourselves.”- @MINNIE_BLUELOVER

“They help me stay on track, continue to improve myself, and get my goals completed.”- @HEYEIAN

“They help me to be still in tune with everyday life.”- @MAYASQUILLA

What are some rituals you engage in regularly? “Smelling coffee brewing. Walking the dog. Sitting in meditation.”“Deep breathing, counting my blessings, and chatting with my kids.”“Sharing daily appreciations with my husband every night before we go to sleep.”“Daily meditation and sweat with any type of exercise.”“Sewing gifts…