The Mindful Survey: The Good Fight

Highlights from our reader survey on arguing in love.

Illustration courtesy Vecteezy
Do you believe that each of us has one true great love? How do you make up after a fight? “Physical contact: One of us breaks and hugs the other, and the tension washes away.”“Eating something.”“Laughing.”“Lotsa good lovin’.”“By breaking the silence.”“There is no making up. Life just goes on.”“We relax on the couch together.”“I used to apologize.”“We say sorry, then remain cold for a while.”“I make a cup of tea.”“We talk it out.”“Hugs and sex please!”“Cooking really tasty dishes.”“Time heals. Give space.”“Sex, obviously.” How does arguing relate to relationships?

63% say it’s a necessary part of any healthy relationship. On the other hand, 10% say it’s a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. Still, 39% of people agree it should be avoided when possible, and only 1% say it’s fun.

When you’re arguing, where do you feel it most in your body? What’s the best thing about being in a relationship? “SUNDAYS.”“Having a person who knows you like no other.”“Cuddlies.”“Complicity.”“Having both a Saturday night date and being able to stay home.”“The warmth, companionship, and ego-limiting opportunities.” Do you tend to hold grudges? What’s your main objective when arguing with a significant other?

76% say they aim to work through difficult…

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