Body and Mind: What’s Their Relationship?

Answers from our reader survey on the mind–body connection.

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What is your strongest sense perception?

The most acute sense among respondents was hearing, with 34%. Sight is the runner-up (28%), followed by the mysterious sixth sense, at 17%. Smell and touch were tied with 10% each, and only 1% chose taste.

What is your favorite exercise to do mindfully? WalkingWeight liftingHikingKayakingMindful aikidoKarateDancingCleaning the houseBarre classesReikiBiking Body and mind: How do they get along? When do you feel most centered?  Do you practice mindful eating?

23% say they cultivate the habit of eating mindfully. 36% have tried it once or twice. 16% eat mindfully only when they’re not too hungry (we’ve all been there!). 20% have never tried a mindful eating practice. Finally, 5% make the case that mindfulness shouldn’t relate to pressures about so-called right and wrong ways to eat.

Do you practice mindful eating? 36% of readers said they have tried it once or twice.

What is your favorite food to eat mindfully? “Peanuts.”“Baby carrots…or potato chips.”“My first cup of coffee in the morning!”“A Malteser.”“Dessert.”“If I have to eat something mindfully, it needs to be chewy and/or sticky, like dried fruit.”“Biryani.”“Salad—so many things grown from the earth, picked by hand, and made available to me with nutrients to…

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