Mindfulness in the workplace conference planned for 2012

Conference to address how mindfulness can improve employee resilience and productivity.

This winter, the Authentic Leadership in Action Institute (ALIA), a global network of leadership programs, will hold the first annual Mindfulness in the Workplace Conference. Its theme will be Brain based approaches to improving employee resilience and productivity.

With the recession creating challenges in terms of traditional business practices, this conference is intended to help businesspeople understand new ways of thinking and working. According to ALIA, the first step in managing productivity, resilience and judgment is the management of the mind.  

Keynote speakers and workshops will address a range of topics, from the challenges of the 21st century workplace to the neuroscience of mindfulness and the logic of bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

The conference will take place on February 10th, 2012 at Robinson College in Cambridge, UK. To register, click here.