Mindfulness is for Everyone 

In this short video, Philadelphia-based social worker Kenneth Bourne reads from Caverly Morgan’s A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness to offer a grounding moment of pause and reflection.

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When Philadelphia-based social worker Kenneth Bourne came across Caverly Morgan’s A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness, it hit home in a big way. He knew the ideas from the book could benefit members of his community at any age, not only the children. “Growing up in Philly, we’re not taught to look up often. We will always check our sides or behind us, but you never look up,” he says. This book encourages the reader to do just that—to look up for a moment, take it all in, and explore who you are and why that matters. So, in partnership with Morgan, Bourne made the video below, which is set to a voiceover of a reading from A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness. His goal is to spread the word that awareness can be practiced anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. 

“I think what I like most about that video is how normal I’m trying to make mindfulness seem for people who look like me,” Bourne says. Bourne, who is Black, is the founder and CEO of Bourne ANEW, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Black boys and young men develop the skills they need in order to “have a fair shot to lead the purposeful lives we all need them to.” Mindfulness-based training is a foundation for the skills he helps the boys cultivate. This video was made with the help of his colleagues and features people and places that are important to Bourne and are part of his home. 

“What I love about this video is that it takes it beyond the classification of something for kids,” and that it helps dismantle the myth that mindfulness is mostly for white people, Caverly Morgan says.

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Mindfulness Anytime, Anywhere, for Everyone

It’s easy to feel lost in a world that doesn’t highlight who we truly are. In our confusion about who we are, we tend to struggle. Our confusion leads to disharmony. People deserve to be supported in exploring their inner landscape. Mindfulness can help us discover that. 

Mindfulness is something you can practice any time, anywhere. Mindfulness is a way of being here right now. Mindfulness brings you to what’s real and true. It brings you to who you already are. 

You are loved, worthy, enough, expansive, authentic, naturally allowing, unborn, undying, infinite! 

So give it a go. Try it right now. Breathe. Can you feel your breath coming in and out of your nose, or your belly, or your chest? Happiness is the very nature of our being. 

We all long to be happy. Through this journey we can cultivate greater harmony not only within ourselves, but with each other and in the world. Our happiness and our freedom become possible through such exploration. 

May your journey be a rich and fulfilling discovery! May you know yourself as the peace and happiness you long for.

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