Mindfulness is Taking Root—Help it Grow

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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you today because we share the mission of bringing mindfulness into the world, because we know it helps a great many people. Here at Mindful we get to hear from those folks everyday: teachers, nurses, police, gardeners, bankers, parents, you name it. We learn how they are using these tools to be more present and have better relationships at work, at home, and in their daily lives.

I want to take this occasion to thank everyone who subscribed to Mindful magazine and visited Mindful.org in 2014. The year-over-year growth was stunning and this group is the biggest single source of support for all our Mindful activities. Thank you so much.

And since Mindful is a nonprofit, we wouldn’t exist without the generous support of the Hemera Foundation and the 1440 Foundation, two visionary organizations who are moving mindfulness forward. And of course, the numerous individual donors: your help has been invaluable. Thank you all so much.

Then there is anonymous, that surprise donor who is the third significant supporter. Whoever and wherever you are (and there’s more than one of you), it’s always a…