Mindfulness is the Best Story of My Career

Mindful sits down with ABC News Anchor Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier.

Photograph by Sarah Wilson

A skeptical TV newsman who was drawn to meditation despite massive misgivings, Dan Harris lets on just how much he has fallen for mindfulness in Mindful‘s Q&A in the August issue. Here, Harris talks about how mindfulness benefits his everyday life and hints that the practice might take center stage in his future:

The real fruit of mindfulness practice is not getting yanked around by your emotions. You have a kind of inner meteorologist who sees the outer bands of the hurricane before the eye of the hurricane makes landfall. I can notice when I’m starting to feel angry—because my ears are turning red or my chest is buzzing—and maybe 10% of the time I don’t take the bait and do something I regret.

This is not just something I’ve written a book about and I’m going to stop doing and go back to my regular life. I love this. I love this practice. It’s absolutely changed my life. And, when my TV days are over, I might just learn to teach others how to meditate.

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