New Law Targets Overly Contemplative Drivers

New South Wales, Australia prepares to implement laws based on research that shows driving after meditating can be just as perilous as texting in traffic.

Photo: Jeff Wilcox/

The “off with the fairies” law—a working title only—has led to more than 20 arrests during its ongoing test period. Charges are laid following a detainees’ inability to prove sufficient ‘grounding’ following a recent meditation practice. Thus far, police have had to deal with such unruly behaviour from convicts as excessive hugging, opulent joy, and extremely kind treatment of the arresting officer.

The offenders appear to be primarily “hippy types,” says a Sydney police officer, lost in “cloud cuckoo land,” who are a danger to both themselves and others on the road.

If a convicted person is unable to afford the monetary fine, he or she retains the option of attending a community session intended to teach the proper technique for grounding oneself following any meditative exercise. This technique promises to return flighty individuals to a state of mind more suited to immersion into the general public.

Meditators and concerned citizens can find more details on this new and important law here.

Happy April Fools’ Day!