New Meditation Apps to Download Right Now

Check out three mindfulness apps that caught our attention.

Sabina/Adobe Stock

EXHALE, designed by coach Katara McCarty, helps to serve and heal her community of Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) who are underrepresented in wellness spaces. The app inspires self-care, mindfulness, and rest through practices like Soul Medicine Meditation and Ancestors Guided Imagining. “By teaching BIWOC how to rid their nervous systems of trauma, I can do something about the disparities,” says McCarty.

2) Your Mindful Garden

Your Mindful Garden was recently introduced by CBeebies, a BBC children’s network. The app-based game has nurturing activities like mindful breathing, movement, and noticing emotions. Bonus: It’s narrated by award-winning actor (and mental health advocate) Stephen Fry.

FitMind app 3) FitMind

FitMind is a vigorous meditation trainer delivered via iPhone. It teaches the science behind the practice, tracks your progress, and provides numerous levels and daily challenges to keep you mindfully engaged. It was developed with the help of neuroscientists in order to make it easier for meditators to keep an accurate and in-depth record of their practice and progress.