Nicole Skibola

My career began with a vision to create greater dialogue around issues pertaining to business and human rights on a legal and policy level. After coming to New York, I quickly realized that social innovation surrounds us everywhere, with social media, interdisciplinary project design, and the growth of co-created public / private partnerships.

My background as a lawyer and human rights practitioner marries two worlds: one of big, societal change and one of the mechanics of bringing an idea to life. I believe in creating opportunities for collaboration, idea synergy and benefit among the legal, business, and non-profit worlds. I believe that innovative business and policy models present some of the most poignant solutions to community, national, and international social issues. In short, I believe that given the right tools, we all have the power to change the world we live in.

Concepts that interest me now are development as freedom and capabilities, quantum theory and systems thinking, and how happiness and creativity for all people (especially lawyers) would make the whole world a better place.

When I am not working, I enjoy bike riding around Brooklyn, trying to master beginner ballet, doing yoga in my living room, playing with other people’s dogs and making new friends in New York.

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