“No” Is A Complete Sentence

“No” is a word most of us use too infrequently. And, what’s worse, when we say “No” we usually add on all sorts of wheedly explanations. But “No” is a complete sentence, and here’s why.

Olha/Adobe Stock

Saying “no” is all about creating personal boundaries that allow you to focus your time doing the things that will make the most impact.

Here are 3 ways to say “no” so you can choose how you spend your time.

Let’s start by agreeing on this premise: If we don’t know how to say ”no” to things, then saying “yes” loses meaning.  

If we say “yes” to everything, we are actually building movements and communities that are based on the models and standards we are trying to fight against. You know these standards well, the ones that are impossible to live up to and are fueled by capitalism, a culture that prizes busy-ness and causes people to curate their lives to perfection on social media.

In part 2 of our self-care series, we’re focussing on the word “no” because it’s the anchor for everything “yes” in our lives.

Saying “no” is difficult for so many people because saying it brings feelings of guilt. We feel like we’re not doing enough and that things are going to fall apart without our personal involvement. Of…